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Founder, YouPorn

At one time in the recent past, YouPorn.com was the most visited site in the adult industry and one of the most visited sites in the world. YouPorn’s Alexa.com ranking was higher than CNN and Bank of America. It was probably the most talked about site among young people. And the titles of many of its amateur videos was the fodder of risqué comedians. It gave amateur people a platform to show off sexually; it was FREE to viewers and it turned the Adult Industry, based on paid subscriptions, on its head… for better or worse. It made history! During those heady days around 2006, a small group of people, including myself and my wife, created YouPorn and ran YouPorn… and made the history mentioned above. One of the reasons responsible for much of YouPorn’s early and rapid success was because of HotCommerce. HotCommerce was in charge of SEO and bringing people to the site. And YouPorn owes Mike a big thanks for how quickly the world became aware of this new kind of FREE sex website; the “Tube Site”…which uploaded adult content modeled after the way it was done on YouTube… hence: You Porn.
Youporn Richie