Michael (SEO Director @ Hotcommerce)

Michael has 10 years of experience in the adult space. He is an expert marketer and in charge of accounts for Hotcommerce. He works closely with clients on a daily basis to improve organic traffic campaigns and build new properties online. He is an expert in Tubes and Cams and specializes in advanced search engine optimization campaigns for the adult industry. Michael was previously SEO Director at and and he brings his experience and skill set to the leadership of Hotcommerce… working hard to make sure every project is a success! Michael looks forward to working with you on your adult project to help promote and boost it tremendously!

Vesa (VP Business Development/SEO Master @ Hotcommerce)

Vesa is the driving force behind Hotcomerce. For all over 10 years I've been working in adult industry doing keyword research and wining over competition. My moto is "Don`t say, show. Don`t promise, prove. Search engines uses a variety of methods to determine which pages are displayed first in search results. The exact formula can be rather tricky, but you can do a few things to improve your rank in Google search results on a continuous basis. With the right approach and mindset, you can improve your rankings and increase your organic traffic. No matter if you are starting new website or you already have established website, we can help to increase your organic traffic and get top of search results for almost any keyword and increase the total amount of keywords you have pointing to your site. I look very much forward to working on your SEO and Social Media campaigns!

Daniel (CTO @ Hotcommerce)

Daniel brings with him more than 10 years of experience programming and marketing adult sites. Daniel is the technical visionary behind Hotcommerce and will work closely with you on your development project to make sure it is done exactly how you want it. Daniel is Full-stack Lamp developer and an asset to each project he works on. He is an expert PHP programmer and MySQL developer. He is also a web hosting guru.

Adrian (Dev Director @ Hotcommerce)

Adrian is a very talented web developer and programmer. He has experience with tube sites and developing add ons and modules to tubes and cam sites to improve stickiness and user retention. Adrian is a critically important part of our team as he will most like be working to improve all new project we develop.

Sherwin (Designer @ Hotcommerce)

Sherwin is a talented designer and illustrator who has an eye for adult web design. He is especially focused on improving conversion and user interface. Sherwin brings a splash of creative enthusiasm into every logo, banner, or website he designs. Watch for his work especially in your social network campaigns.