SEO Services

Time to Outrank and Outlast the Competition!

Get your site and keywords ranked #1 (usually within 90 days) with a customized HotCommerce Campaign. Beat your competition to the users and get more qualified sales and better retention with organic traffic to your website. Does your website currently have rankings in Google, Bing and Yahoo!? Are you getting high quality targeted traffic to your website? With an impactful search engine optimization campaign from HotCommerce you are giving your business powerful fuel to boost to your search engine optimization campaign.

HotCommerce has developed an innovative system for getting keyword rankings in the major search engines and we have developed software we only use internally to help rank our client’s websites. To start we do a complete site diagnostics analysis and reports. This gives us a true picture of where your website stands in terms of search engine optimization. It tells us the complexities involved as well as potential SEO opportunities. Once this report is complete we will work with you to make on site changes and provide all recommended sites changes. Once the site changes are live and the issues with the diagnostic report are addressed will start your offsite search engine optimization campaign. Please Note: just like any industry there is a lot of rule breaking and flat out fraud in SEO today. Google is pretty much wise enough to eventually catch all SEO abusive tactics and HotCommerce will only provide best practice SEO for your website in accordance with W3 standards and compliance. ?

SEO System Campaign Process

Search Engine Optimization is HotCommerce’s primary focus. HotCommerce provides Expert Search Engine Optimization Consulting. We work closely with Google, Bing, and Yahoo!, and make sure our work is W3 white hat compliant. Our advanced search engine optimization tactics will add value to your website. We have provided top search engine rankings for a wide variety of websites on the Internet and have the capability of boosting any site to the top of the first page. There are many variables involved with search engine optimization with Google and the other search engines. They include: Page Rank, Google Indexed Links, Bing Indexed Links, Yahoo! Indexed links, Alexa Ranking, Domain Name Age, Delicious Index, Page Source, Hosting Configuration, Meta Tags, Keyword Density, External and Inbound links. There are also real-time services that play a role with your website's search engine optimization including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube. We also utilize valuable search engine optimization software.

HotCommerce Services Includes:
On-Site Search Engine Optimization - Run comprehensive diagnostic reports to discover data about your site. HotCommerce will work besides your IT team to make your site 100% W3 Compliant and Site Search Engine Friendly including writing fresh meta tags, XML site map, optimize images, setup Google Analytics and Google Webmaster Tools.