Search Engine Optimization

It’s no wonder that the sites on the top of the search engine rankings tend to stay up at the top of the listings. The reason is because these sites have been optimized to process information to the search engines about a given topic or keyword. The more times your websites and that keyword and paired up on as many relevant sites as possible the more likely you are to improve your search engine campaigns.

HotCommerce Process

HotCommerce employs all W3 (World Wide Web Consortium) "white-hat" SEO techniques and applications. At square one when starting your SEO campaign you will have a team planning session to start off your campaign.?

Q1. How Long Will it Take to See Results for my Website?

You should see results within 90 days.

Q2. How Much Money Does SEO Typically Cost?

Monthly SEO campaigns are typically charged $500-$12,000 for fully managed SEO Campaigns. There's many variables that go into the campaign cost, some methods such as creating traffic building networks are more expensive and buying link spots are not really expensive in comparison. Some services you want may be $500 and others may cost $3,000 so your custom needs will be computed before the campaign starts and monitored progressively throughout the ongoing campaign.

Q3. How Will I be Able to Track the Results to my Website?

You will see an immediate boost in your Google Analytics reporting for your website visits. More users will come via search engines and they will spend more time on your site and be more interested in your content.

Q4. Why Does My Website Need Search Engine Traffic?

Search Engine traffic is considered the most highly relevant traffic to your website. It all makes clear sense, users coming to your site from the search results are clicking on your site directly and could be thinking they found what they were searching for. Organic search visitors tend to spend the most time on your site, look at the most pages on the site and return more frequently. Those are the reasons why SEO traffic from Google, Bing and Yahoo! are so valuable to your online web business.