For web development we use:

PHP / MySQL / Apache or Nginx on Linux and Windows servers.
We think UI is very important so we use HTML5 jQuery, jQuery UI, AJAX and all the tools that help us develop stunning user interfaces.
Work closely with our clients to deliver a finished product before the deadline. In recent years we have been more involved in product development using PHP frameworks like Laravel and Symofony.
While Laravel and Symfony is not our first choice for development we have our own micro framework that is faster in speed than Laravel, Symfony or any other heavy framework that is out there
We can also add features to existing web applications (It doesn't matter what kind of PHP framework it uses we can adapt to any requirements) so if you feel your web app is lacking features then we can come and create those features.
If our clients wants to hire us for yearly support and continuous integration, we have no problems of being up to the task We love how the technologies for the web have evolved and we use the latest and greatest.