Top Five Porn Sites According To Google!!! (Ranked)

For a combination of reasons these sites receive the majority of organic traffic from Google search and they are ranked as so:

#1 Pornhub: Pornhub is the world’s leading free website

#2 Porn.comPORN.COM is Your Hub for Free Porn Videos & Sex Movies Updated Daily. Watch HD Porn in 4K and VR Porno for Free!

#3 is a tube with red hot sex videos in all niches!

#4 – Your Porn House


Pornhub Fights Starbucks Porn Ban With ‘Safe for Work’ Subdomain

The page launched on Thursday to give Pornhub users a potential workaround when the Starbucks ban rolls out next year. Although it does offer porn-free videos, you may encounter porn ads on the side of the webpage. So don’t expect a completely safe for work experience.
Pornhub Logo

Pornhub is no fan of Starbuck’s upcoming plan to ban porn access over the coffee chain’s public Wi-Fi spots. So in response, the site is launching a new subdomain that promises to offer nudity-free “Safe for Work” content.

The page,, launched on Thursday to give Pornhub users a potential workaround when the Starbucks ban rolls out next year.

“To comply with Starbucks’ new policy, we’ve created an option that allows fans to still enjoy great content to which they are accustomed, but that is appropriate for consumption in public places,” the adult video-sharing site said in a statement.  The Safe for Work category isn’t exactly new. The adult-video sharing site has actually had it for a while now. But to no surprise, the category hasn’t been popular. As of today, the SFW section only has 1,367 videos. In contrast, the “Pornstar” section has over 245,000 videos.

According to Pornhub, the SFW category features content such as adult entertainers sharing advice and experiences, video game reviews and “compilation videos with attractive, yet clothed people.” But there’s also an important catch with the new SFW subdomain: Although it does offer porn-free videos, you may encounter porn ads on the side of the webpage. So don’t expect a completely safe for work experience.

Starbucks hasn’t commented on the new subdomain from Pornhub. And so far, it isn’t clear how the coffee chain’s porn filtering will exactly work. Whether Pornhub’s entire domain gets banned or not remains unknown. But the company has reportedly picked an IT solution after testing multiple tools in the hopes of finding one that won’t accidentally block unoffensive web content.

Pornhub launched the new SFW subdomain after taking similar action to circumvent a porn ban in India. Last month, it launched a new mirror site at to allow users in India to continue visiting the adult video-sharing site.

Well, YouPorn Has Now Banned Starbucks From Its Offices

Please try not to blush while reading this: Responding to a Starbucks plan to block porn sites, YouPorn has blocked Starbucks.

“Following the news that Starbucks has blocked its customers from searching and viewing adult content within their establishments, YouPorn has updated their company policy banning all Starbucks products from its offices,” reads a statement provided to Eater by the pornography website. YouPorn’s new workplace policy will go into effect January 1, 2019, according to companywide memo issued by vice president Charlie Hughes.

“See your direct manager for any questions,” Hughes says in closing. Working for a porn site: It’s just as boring as any other office job.

YouPorn is a subsidiary of Montreal-based MindGeek, which, per its Wikipedia page, specializes in adult entertainment and information technology. The Starbucks ban comes after the Seattle-based coffee giant announced a plan to install a content filter on the free public Wi-Fi that is available in its cafes. “While it rarely occurs, the use of Starbucks public Wi-Fi to view illegal or egregious content is not, nor has it ever been permitted,” a spokesperson told the Verge. Now that it is facing the ramifications of this announcement, will the company back down and allow horny coffee drinkers the freedom to watch their porn in public?

Starbucks has not responded to an Eater request for comment. This post will be updated as new information becomes available. See the YouPorn memo below


XBIZ Awards 2019: Don’t Forget to Vote!

XBIZ Awards 2019: Don’t Forget to Vote!

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200 Google Ranking Factors for 2019 - Part 1

Top 200 Ranking Factors in 2019

Top 200 Ranking Factors in 2019

As you might already know that Google uses over 700 ranking factors in their algorithm…but what the heck are they? Well we will write about 200 most important ranking factors in 2019.

Every blogger and website owner wants their site on top of Google Rank. If you also have this question in your mind that how to rank your site on top of Google? What is the important ranking factors in Google SERP? Then you are at the right place. We will listed 200 important ranking factors Google and more in real time. You need to follow this post to make your site on top of  Google’s rankings.

We will start with the primary 10 factors and update this list from time to time to track google updates adding new, fresh ranking factors. Google uses a very strong algorithm to show the search result.

We have listed top 10 factors for now that are used by Google to show the search result. With the help of these you can increase your search result and ranking in google.

Important Factors to Improve Google Ranking Top 10

1) Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority means the value of your site’s pages. Search engines give the priority of high valued pages. You need to increase the page value of your site pages. For this you need to properly manage your pages. Insert the content in proper manner, put in the relevant images, and insert the links of your other pages in the main page. Also try to take the backlinks of your pages. All of these method will help to increase the page authority. The chances to come your pages in search engine increase once the page authority will be increase. So do this work seriously.

2) Link Relevancy | Backlink

You all know that backlinks is the most important SEO factor to use to improve your site traffic and rankings. Backlinks should always be high.

The backlinks must be related to your content. If the links are not related to your site niche the Google never give the value to your website in search engine results. So always try to take the backlink from niche websites.

3) Content Length

If you want to be on the top of the SERPs then you must write long content. Google quickly ranks long content. Google understands everything related to contents.  If content is long then Google finds more information related to the page and ranks that page fast.

Beware: make sure you don’t need to write stories which are not related to the actual topic just because to make content lengthy. Always write the original contents and related to topic. Content must be minimum of 1000 words. Write a lot and see your ranking increase in Google Search.

4) Content Detail | Content Relevancy

Once you start writing the content keep in mind that the content should be related to the topic. If you write irrelevant content Google drops the ranking of your site. For Example if your page title is “How to create an account for Google Adsense” then write only about this topic, if you write something else which is not related to Adsense, then Google will treat this page as irrelevant and drop the ranking of this page. So be careful, you cannot cheat Google.

5) Average Time Spent on Page

This is also one of the primary factors to rank your page on top of Google. If you are a blogger and also do the proper SEO of your site then your pages can be visible in Google’s search results.

But if you want to become top position on Google search results page then you need to increase the visitor time on your page. Bounce rate of your page should be low. If Google sees that visitor come on your page and spend some time there then Google takes it as good post and increases the ranking of your page.

So to keep the visitor spending time you need to write well thought out content and user-oriented content articles. Users should not feel bored on your page. Make it interesting with info graphical images, videos etc.

Video plays the main role to hold the visitor on page. Start doing this and make your page on top of Google.

6) Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority is another important factor for ranking on Google SERP. Domain Authority means the value of your domain. You can see that new domain names do not get ranked fast but the old domains rank quickly. To increase the Domain Authority you should maintain the quality of your content and website.

7) Keywords Should be Correct

Keywords are another main priority in increasing the traffic and the site’s rankings as well. Meta keywords are often overlooked but never should be.

Google also checks that you are using good Keywords. Then they are assigned rankings in their search result. This is how Google and most search engines rank websites.

Always add the main keyword in the title tag.

Also in overall posts and articles on the website make sure you can visibily see the important part of content where you can add the keywords of your article.

There are many tools to find out the good keywords for your post. Before placing the keyword you need to do some research about this and also about competitor pages.

8) Page Load Time

Nobody has the time to spend on your website just waiting to load the pages. Page Load Time is also the key factor to increase visitor and rankings both in many cases.

If your site takes more time to open then no one wants to wait for this. Google also follows the same criteria. Google does not give the preference to sites which take the more time to be load.

So increase your website loading speed. Use the light weight themes. Don’t use a lot of css and javascript. Javascript is the main reason to slow down the site speed. Also insert the light weight images in the posts, articles, and pages.

9) Responsive Design

Today is the era of mobile, everyone has a smart phone and is surfing the web from their mobile phones.

90% of all traffic is generated from mobile devices. So your website should be compatible with all mobile devices and tablets as well as wearable browsers such as VR.

You should use the mobile friendly templates/themes. Google also keeps mobile a major ranking factor. If your site is not compatible with mobile device then Google will avoid showing your page on their search results. So keep checking your pages that all should be mobile friendly.

10) Site Should be Clean

Clean Site is also the factor for ranking in Google SERP. Every visitor wants to visit clean sites. There are several things the website owner or blogger do on their sites. For example some popup ads come on the site (they are displayed in some region as friendly and possibly in some regions as harmful), some subscription box come in the popup. All these things are irritating for the visitors. So avoid doing this thing and keep your website clean. Don’t insert too many ads in your page because the user comes to your site to read the content, see the images, and view videos and if they feel there are any problems then most likely they will  never come again to your website. So maintain these small factor and increase the ranking and traffic as well.

We have listed the 10 Important Ranking Factor in Google SERP in this post. You need to follow these and improve ranking and traffic of your website. Please share this post to your friends if you like it and we will update you for more fresh ranking factors. To be continued soon…